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About OEC 2021

OEC 2020 is hosting a wide range of international experts and key decision makers. The focus is on digital transformation and how to harness technologies like cloud, AI, ML, Big Data, Blockchain, chatbot and so on, while also focusing on how to harness and identify the untapped potential to utilizing eCommerce as a key pillar of business strategy. OEC 2020 is thematically centered on “infinite possibilities experienced” and will host companies from a diverse set of industries including the commerce majors, logistics, business houses, market leading financial institutions, e-payment network and telecom operators.

  • Latest content which is streamlined, structured and aimed at physical and digital retail trending topic – where hot retail trends come to life.
  • Global industry leaders will address the entire audience, speaking directly to top challenges retailers continue to face across the retail landscape.
  • Exhibition of the latest retail technology that can transform your business and capture the untapped potential.


Main Stage

Want to know what top organizations are doing today to succeed?

This two day conference is packed with expert insights from industry leaders who shape, redefine and break the industry barriers to build successful brands. Hear from the most innovative professionals and tech experts who revolutionize the industry, and take home a new perspective to grow your business to the next level. OEC 2020 is the place to be for anyone who wants to dive into and exploit the infinite possibilities.


Listen to our world renowned industry speakers share their experiences and case studies, unravelling the latest trends and innovation in the world of digital commerce. These experts will give you behind the scene look at what it is like to work I the industry and the fundamentals of digital commerce. Gain end to end insights that will assist you to identify opportunities for growth and improvement of your business.

Networking Session

Connect, engage and stay up-to-date. Whether you are looking to advance your career, thrive as professional or help take your business to the next level, there are people, companies and organization at OEC 2020 that will be able to help you. OEC 2020 has prescheduled networking sessions to ensure all attendees have the opportunity to network with the industry’s premier technology leaders. The OEC 2020 mobile app ensure a more effective networking session, enabling you to build new business opportunities and relationships.

Panel Discussion

Our interactive panel discussions bring together industry experts to share and build up on each other’s experiences, exposing the audience to various viewpoints at the same session. The goal of this session is to increase the audiences understanding of current and future trends, introducing new concepts and disseminating facts, while stimulating the audience to think in a new direction.

High Profile Business Meetings

The right meeting can be a game changer for your business, and we focus on getting you to meet the right decision maker in the right organization. With meticulous attention to detail and service par excellence, OEC 2020 will have predesignated meeting rooms for one on one client meetings. These predesignated meeting areas ensure sponsors have privacy to meet their desired clients and achieve their ultimate goal, close the deal or move it towards that result.

WHY OEC 2021?

“endless business opportunities with infinite possibilities”

OEC 2020 is connecting business leaders from all geographical areas. It is your gateway to learn, explore and capitalize on the infinite possibilities in the every growing and expanding eCommerce and digital ecosystem. Network with the who’s who’s in your field and enhance your business to unimaginable levels. The agenda is handcrafted and streamlined to ensure you will dramatically enhance both your professional and personal development, as well as providing you with latest tools and skills which you get anywhere else.

Digital economy and OEC 2020:

OEC 2020 focuses on accelerating the digital nation through digital networking and communication infrastructure, providing a global platform to enable people and organizations to devise strategies, interact, communicate and collaborate. Join us to learn how to embrace the latest technologies, develop enhanced partnerships and greater intellectual leadership to redefine digital strategies of globalization.

eCommerce and OEC 2020:

OEC 2020 – chapter II of the “everything online” series is here to assist businesses explore the infinite possibilities of eCommerce. Retail eCommerce revenue is projected to grow to $6.5 trillion by 2022, this means more opportunities for businesses to grow in the future. OEC 2020 is here to assist businesses capitalize on this eCommerce trend. Our handcrafted and streamlined agenda and industry experts will enable businesses with physical stores to embrace the change and develop infrastructure to bring business from offline to online, while assisting online businesses find new ways to further elevate their brands online.

Digital transformation and OEC 2020:

Digital transformation is the metamorphosis of business and organizational exercises, procedures, competencies and strategies to leverage the developments and opportunities of a blend of digital technologies and their impact across the community in a strategic and prioritized way. Keeping the present hyper-connected age we live in and future shits in mind OEC 2020 is curated to ensure organizations are ready to leverage existing and emerging technologies to stay ahead of their competition.

By 2023, the worldwide spending on digital transformation is predicted to reach $2.3 trillion. Keeping this and the global technological paradigm shift in mind, OEC 2020 will assist your organization build a superior digital transformation strategy while enabling you to fully leveraging the infinite possibilities and opportunities of new technology.


“Opportunities do not happen – you create them”

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