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Largest eCommerce & technology conference in the Middle East

Chapter II - “everything online” – The Oman eCommerce Conference 2021

The most innovative tech-conference on eCommerce in the Middle East unravelling the future change of Governance, Transportation, Logistics, Commerce, Trade & Finance to infuse the economy to a digitally forward future.

OEC 2021 – the second edition of the “everything online series” in partnership with the Ministry Of Commerce and Industry – Sultanate of Oman, is here to assist you explore and capture the answers to the digital trends of tomorrow. Focusing, exploring digital transformation, harnessing the latest technology and capturing the untapped potential of eCommerce, Inovexic has meticulously created chapter II.

OEC 2021 is the place where top minds across industry verticals meet, collaborate and learn about what’s disrupting the industry today and what’ll change tomorrow. Designed to build your business and your profit on a global scope, we cut of the fluff and provide you with the latest and most relevant content from industry innovators.


“Infinite Possibilities Experienced”

A Tech Conference Accelerating The Digital Nation

The Oman eCommerce Conference – OEC 2021, hosted in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry from the Sultanate of Oman is the most Innovative eCommerce conference accelerating digital economy with one focus “everything online”. OEC 2020 is all about experiencing infinite possibilities while capturing the answers to the digital trends of tomorrow.

OEC 2021 is hosting a wide range of international experts, decision makers and government representatives. The focus is on Digital Transformation and how to harness technologies like cloud, AI, ML, AR, Big Data, Blockchain and so on to enhance businesses, while focusing on how to harness and identify the untapped potential of utilising eCommerce as a key pillar for business strategy. The conference will host companies from a diverse set of industries including the commerce majors, logistics, business houses, market leading BFSI organizations, payment networks and telecom operators.

Event Program 2021

Capturing the answers to the digital trends of tomorrow

OEC 2019 Speakers

[Minister of Commerce and Industry]

H. E. Dr. Ali Bin Masoud Bin Ali Al Sunaidy

[Group VP of technology - Asyad Group]

Dr. Ali Al Shidani

[Advisor to the Ministry
of Commerce and Industry]

H. E. Dr. Mohsin Khamis
Al Balushi

[Vision 2040 Economist]

Dr. Yousuf Hamad Al-Balushi

[Chairman - OMINVEST]

Khalid Muhammad Al Zubair

[CEO - Danube & BinDawood]

Ahmed AR. BinDawood

[CEO of ITA]

Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi

[Founder and Managing
Director - Jeeblee Online]

Ali Mohammed
Juma Al Lawati

OEC 2019 Sponsors



"I was very pleasantly surprised at first not only the very large turn-out but the quality of exhibitors and attendees, I sat through the discussions yesterday and the panel was very insightful so it’s clear that Oman is at the forefront of Innovation and change and Inovexic has really paved the way for a lot of information and I’m delighted to be here. I think the organizers have done a very good job in introducing us to everyone, networking has been great."
Mona Ataya
CEO - Mumzworld
"The conference has been great, I think Inovexic is putting up a great show and I think its means a lot not only for Oman but also for the region and I think people in Europe have to check it out and I think if you want to go beyond your traditional borders this is the place to be. I would say Inovexic to keep up the good work do what you need to spread the of the tradition of digitalization, retail and transformation"
Wijnand Jongen
Co-founder and Chairman - eCommerce Europe
"We have seen a lot of opportunities in Oman and In Sha Allah there’s going to be store in Oman very soon for Bin Dawood Group. I was amazed by the number of visitors here coming to this event specially the international people who came not only from Oman but from the entire world. I think chapter 2 is going to be even better, the execution for this event was amazing and I think it’s going to be even enhancing the perfection for the second round In Sha Allah. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit Oman and we are obliged to be here."
Ahmed AR Bin Dawood
CEO - Bin Dawood Group
"The conference was great and I’m really happy that I was invited to speak and here it was great to connect with people I would have never got opportunity to connect with and grateful for the opportunity. Inovexic is doing an amazing job and I’m looking forward for Chapter 2 of Inovexic Conferences."
Joy Ajlouny
Co-founder - Fetchr
"I think in simple words Inovexic brought all the people under one platform to discuss about everything Online and that was very very good and honestly all the quality people both from the private and government sector and that was a great thing. Inovexic has achieved what you spoke about that is everything online by bringing in local and International speakers to come under one platform to speak about their experiences and success journey. "
Tariq Hilal Al Barwani
Founder - Knowledge Oman
"The conference was very nice, it was an eye-opening opportunity for us, we enjoyed the networking and the panel discussion was very interesting. Met a lot of new people, new friends and hopefully we will be reaching out to them very soon"
Majed M Al Tahan
Co-founder and CEO - Danube Online

OEC 2019 Gallery


Muscat, Oman

Oman Convention &
Exhibition Center

Airport Heights

“Opportunities do not happen – you create them”

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